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Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

by renfah on 22/06/2018, no comments

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo – the project wants to buy buffalo calves, which would otherwise be killed in their own manure to bring them as a flock to Venice and let them roam free – to inform the society of the cruel fate that their delicatessen suppliers have to endure – […]

Ada – Night Show

by renfah on 14/01/2017, no comments

The Institution of the Late Night Show comes from the America of the 50´s. Curiosities and stars are presented to the audience while the lifeband gently weeps and the gladiators of our times flex their muscles… meanwhile this culture spread all over the planet but also lead to the point where even the host is […]

La chambre d´Ortolan / The ortolan chamber

by renfah on 09/03/2016, no comments

“La Chambre d’Ortolan” is a film about the ceremonies and customs that constitute the mechanisms of representation and distinction of the elite. It depicts a last meal, designed as such by the old dignitary, in which he is served a small songbird, the ortolan, the eating of which is associated with various myths. The myths […]


by renfah on 09/03/2016, no comments

The project “car|go|graphy” emerged from our recurring interest in the abstract nature of globalization and presents a direct continuity with the precursor project „mitumBACK*-reverse engineering globalisation“. Situated at the interface between arts, cultural science and interdisciplinary research, it engages in an applied way with specific manifestations of current days’ global 2nd hand economy – the […]

thieves in our home

by renfah on 09/03/2016, no comments

Thieves in our home – this Film is a historical document, a statement of the life of any woman. It is also an attempt to help her not to have to tell her story again and again – and not to revive the associated traumatising atrocities – every time – she is telling the story […]


by renfah on 20/03/2015, no comments

BEINGWHALE 2014, ÖSTERREICH/ITALIEN, HD 18MIN Kunst muß Schock! Aktionskünstler Renfah will Venedig einen Wal aufbinden: zur Eröffnung der Biennale soll ein toter Wal am Markusplatz aufgebahrt werden, der sich bald in der Sonne aufbläht und Venedig mit Blubber und Gedärm überzieht – die Proteste aufgebrachter Tierschützer werden von Renfah dabei gleich mitinszeniert! Als zynisches Symbol für […]


by renfah on 19/06/2013, no comments

KUNST MACHT BANIK – is a film about the deutsche bank kunsthalle aktion – MACHT KUNST – where the bank invited all berlinian artists to bring their artworks, allegedly to show some of these works to the opening exhibition, but to unearth the truth, just wanted to create a flashmob of the local artscene, to get recognised […]

renfah l´absence des étoiles

by renfah on 13/03/2013, no comments

l´absence des étoiles 69. Mostra internazionale d’arte cinematografica di Venezia Leone d’Oro Biennale di Venezia 2012 69. Internationale Filmfestspiele von Venedig Goldener Löwe Biennale 2012 69th international venice film festival golden lion biennale 2012 69. festival du film international venice leon d´or biennale 2012

FINE – 2012

by renfah on 07/01/2013, no comments

  FINE  – Der Plan, das von aller Welt beschworene Ende der Welt herbeizuführen und dazu alle herzlich einzuladen… Die fluide Weltgesellschaftsmenschenmenge (= das Soziosom) soll eine temporäre Strahlenkanone aus handelsüblichen Laserpointern bauen, hierbei braucht es ca. 2 Mio. Stück. Da keiner die dazu erforderliche Geldsumme hat, setzten wir auf die Masse Mensch, zu ihren […]

$$™ – participatory guerilla research

by renfah on 28/11/2012, no comments

$$™ – a workshop exploring the field of ‘participatory guerilla research‘ in global societies – this time focusing specifically on the current cultural landscape of globality, we will deploy tactics and strategies as described by the likes of Talcott Parsons, Niklas Luhmann, Pierre Bourdieu and Stuart Hall – investigating global enterprises and systems, the subject […]