thieves in our home

by renfah on 09/03/2016, no comments

Thieves in our home – this Film is a historical document, a statement of the life of any woman.
It is also an attempt to help her not to have to tell her story again and again

– and not to revive the associated traumatising atrocities

– every time – she is telling the story – for the rest of her life.

Trying to build a Bridge between segregating aspects and categorism of
modern society, addressing the unifying emotion of motherhood &
empowering to stand up for independency, this film should immediately
lead to the point where the question arises – why – this systematic
cruelty of separated families and removed children is a still ongoing
issue in 2015 – and how long this might continue – if not addressed
and changed now.

The artistic experiment – the use of art as a medium of communicating
political issues, but also to address and change these serious
deficiencies – but also to use the art form of a film itself with a
tight close up, is to be seen as an attempt to create an intimate
dialogue, an invitation to understand, to induce change towards a
respectful coexistence of all people – all over the world.

This is for

the great grandmothers
the grand mothers
the mothers
the children
the grandchildren
the great grandchildren

to those whom the world does´nt only mean just a dollar…

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