La chambre d´Ortolan / The ortolan chamber

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“La Chambre d’Ortolan” is a film about the ceremonies and customs that constitute the mechanisms of representation and distinction of the elite. It depicts a last meal, designed as such by the old dignitary, in which he is served a small songbird, the ortolan, the eating of which is associated with various myths. The myths surrounding François Mitterrand’s last meal are the starting point for our reflections on the silence of power.

La Chambre d ́Ortolan / The Ortolan Chamber / Die Kammer des Ortolan
HD Video (Originally recorded in 4k), 20 min., 2015

Main Credits:
Written, directed and edited by
Marcuse Hafner & Anna Mitterer

Aleksandra Cwen, Joachim Bißmeier, Michael Schönborn, Bastian Wilplinger,
Ragnar Kazunin,Vera Kozerchuck
Chanson: Lyrics A. Emanuely, Music D. Benedek, performed by Anne Bennent
Camera: Georg Weiss

The ortolan chamber site

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